Judges Information

We are excited to announce our judges representing the diversed tech industry experience:

Hackathon Judging General Guidelines

  • All judges must be approved by hackathon organizers
  • Judges are NOT permitted into the hackathon area where teams are working
  • Please arrive by the start of Hackathon and stay through the award ceremony   
  • A scoring rubric has been created and will be reviewed with all judges prior to entry presentations

Hackathon Judges Priorities

The following criteria will be used to score all hackathon entries. This structured approach ensures all entries are viewed as equal and promotes multiple award opportunities. The scoring rubric helps align all judges thinking through qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Please define an issue within the Hudson Valley related to community impacts that some form of solution can solve by the creation of innovative impactful results. 

Tip:  Use example data points, article or other citation source to further add validation to your issue statement.


Please highlight a specific problem related to the underlying issue. This can be something small such as a damaged walkway in your neighborhood or something more complex like finding a quality and affordable healthcare for the elderly. 

The problem needs to be clearly defined to maximize scoring in this category


Your entry will be evaluated in three ways. 

  • Overall "digital artifact" presentation
  • Teamwork and collaboration 
  • User interface (UI) for your solution (Not Applicable this time)
  • User experience (UX) for your solution (NA)
  • Technical skills in esearching the problem and potential solution - statement of conclusion


Your entry will be evaluated in four ways. 

  • Community impact 
  • Problem Mitigation
  • Alignment with the problem area
  • Innovation Impact

Hackathon Awards

Awards for highest overall score, runner up plus top entry scores for Issue, Problem, Solution and Value will be presented. Recognition awards for all judges and mentors will also be provided.