hack·a·thon (noun) -- an event in which computer programmers, hardware engineers and others involved in product development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software and hardware projects over a short period of time.

WHO: Hudson Valley youth and,techonolgy community.

WHERE: online. Safety is our number one priority, this year we are moving forward with our remote while interactive event. The event will be held on an online platforms. The event will be taking place virtually via Zoom. Zoom will be used for our main stage and all speakers, panelists, and side events. We will use the same Zoom URL throughout the event.

WHEN: October 23–24, 2020. Zoom call opens at 2pm Friday, event ends at 5pm Saturday.

Who can attend Hackathon 2020?

Anyone can sign up. All ages and all-expertise. Teams will be a diversity of talents and skill levels. We are looking forward to serve the youth to inspire their entrepreneurial spirit, create collaborative experience, empower with technology. Sign up for  the Hackathon here: http://bit.ly/HVTF_Hackers

We provide Eventbrite tickets for curious observers: http://bit.ly/Guest_signup - no time commitment expected. 

Why should professionals join us?

Local communities, businesses, and government officials can learn and get their problems solved engaging the tech community. Local developers can demonstrate their expertise and win the recognition.

We are looking for mentors and volunteers to sign up too: http://bit.ly/HVTechFest20_mentors

You can find out more about rules and judging criteria using Participant Information section

What team roles are there?

There are usually up to 5 teammates with roles of Product Manager, Architect, UI Designer, Programmer / Web Developer / Coder.

What is the Hackathon offering?

The opportunity for college and school students to collaborate with local and global tech professionals, innovate new ideas, discover different tech paths, and push the boundaries of technology. The opportunity to create an impact to people lives while providing a real working expeirence. The HVTechFest Hackathon is advancing technology community of the Hudson Valley region.

What are the rules?

You can find out more about rules and judging criteria at the Participant information section

Pitching your idea, finding a team

Please submit the following Google Form to indicate your project idea, skills, and if you are working solo or looking for teammates. You can use the following spreadsheet to view all project ideas and find a team. You’ll have an opportunity to do so during the opening ceremony as well. We are encoraging you to join our HVTechFest Discord to collaborate, network and get up to speed

Who are the judges?

We are proud to have amazing industry professionals as a judges, they represent a great mix of hacking, development and startup experience. You can see judges and judging criteria here.

We are proud to have our fearless Hackathon leader Andrea Tejedor another year.

What does the sponsorship entail?

·         Receive access to resumes from talented students across the Hudson Valley
·         Promotional Branding on all HV Tech Festival products like Shirts, Lanyards, visuals
·         Send Speakers or Mentors to interact with participants
·         Receive feedback from students about API’s or product demos

Have more questions?

Email us at festival@openhubproject.com for General Sponsorship Questions or at yulia@opnehubproject.com for Hackathon Questions.


The inaugural Hudson Valley Youth Hackathon was led by Andrea Tejedor and Steve Bossert. It revealed how the youth are driven to solve Hudson Valley’s employability and professional sustainability challenges. We were excited to see that we are all aligned in our dream of making the Hudson Valley a better place to live and work, and leveraging technology as a practical tool for this rising tide! We applied the following approach: