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2020 HVTechFest

The theme for the 2020 HVTechFest is Technology & Recovery — Adapting to the New Abnormal. We’ll explore topics including:

  • Untangling HV’s Tech-ed to Workforce Pipeline
  • Ed-Tech - Challenges for remote learning
  • Small Business Recovery...

AMA - Info Session

This Wednesday, Oct 21st @ 7:00pm on Zoom
Get your questions answered!


Join us & ask us ANYTHING about HVTechFest




Be a hacker

Calling all hackers! Sign up here for the HVTechFest 2020 Hackathon. All ages and experience welcome. Teams will be made up of a diverse range of talents and skill levels.

Last year, we had 120 attendees. Let’s beat that number...



Tech Talent

Whether an emerging or professional Techie, please come and up your game, network with your community, share expertise, learn from experts, and grow in new directions!


Tech-driven solutions will be part of your business recovery and future growth. But which tech? Software, hardware, retraining, or all of the above? Get answers that will give you the edge to thrive over the next 10 years.


Tech hubs join large institutions to businesses and people in their community around a common goal to build prosperity, growth and innovation. Join OpenHub in celebrating Hudson Valley’s Tech Future!

Highlights from 2019 TechFest

It was tremendously rewarding and inspiring to see so many gathered together on Friday, October 11th for the Conference portion of the Festival, to explore and rethink our tech education, tech workforce development and trends in hiring the lean startup way. The programming committee invested countless hours engaging and curating speakers one by one to reflect the industry trends, both global and local.  We are so proud of the 40+ speakers and 150+ attendees who participated in the Conference. Thank you all for your hunger and curiosity to learn from each other through the Conference tracks and sessions. You can see speakers notes using 2019 Schedule or see live streamed video here

Our first Hudson Valley Youth Hackathon on Saturday, October 12th teamed 100+ professionals working side by side with youth, and competing equally. We appreciate our partner, AT&T, who lobbied with vigor to have kids involved more than we initially envisioned – it was amazingly inspirational and a learning experience for all! We discovered that our high schoolers are way more tech savvy than previous generations. They are thoughtful, engaged and collaborative, responsible and capable. The startup bug bit them at the Hackathon – we can expect more tech entrepreneurs coming… Let’s cultivate this spirit!

We are excited to see that we are all aligned in our dream of making the Hudson Valley a better place to live and work, and leveraging technology as a practical tool for this rising tide!

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Really liked you had local regional and NYC based firms. Always a great mix. Really impressive and a huge undertaking. Look forward to next years.

These talks were stimulating. I spend too much time doing practical things, I just need to step out and observe the big picture


Info session October 21: AMA for Hackathon!

AMA means Ask Me Anything! With the second HVTechFest Hackathon around the corner, you are invited to be part of it! We are all creatives and problem solvers - age, gender, race and skills agnostic. You will get a chance to network and collaborate with peer techies, mentor... READ MORE

New webisode series: Pivoteers and Pioneers

OpenHub and HVTechFest2020 present a 5-part interactive, livestreaming webisode series:   Pivoteers & Pioneers features local businesses, sharing stories about how technology helped businesses adapt during the pandemic shutdown. OpenHub believes sharing these stories... READ MORE

AT&T Hudson Valley Hackathon Challenges Local Youth to Use Technology for Social Good and to Plug the Regional Brain Drain

Calling all youth who code or who are interested in coding, as well as technologists and people of all ages who’d like to make a difference in their communities, to the region’s first regional Hudson Valley hackathon Oct. 12nd, 2019 Innovation event will highlight the growing interest... READ MORE


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