"Artificial Intelligence: Existential Threat or Our Best Hope for the Future?”

Friday, October 11, 2019 - 9:15am to 10:00am
Great Hall
Kaplan Hall


We are honored to feature Dr. James Hendler, Tetherless World Chair of Computer, Web and Cognitive Sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as our keynote speaker. Dr. Hendler will speak about the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the present day, and the implications of this technology as it advances.

A burst in optimism (and unwarranted fear) has grown around a number of high-impact technologies that can solve some of the problems that have challenged AI researchers for years. The over-enthusiasm that often follows such breakthroughs has caused some people to declare (yet again) that it’s the end of “reasoning,” as AI moves into a world dominated by neural networks, data mining, and the knowledge graph. In this talk, Dr. Hendler argues that these technologies, while extremely powerful separately, are not only still a long way from human intelligence, but that they can’t get there without a level of knowledge and reasoning beyond what is currently available to these techniques. On the other hand, he also argues that taking these technologies into new and harder realms will require rethinking what traditional knowledge representation is, and how it is used. 


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