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Peter Flood

AIDA Content Management, Inc
CEO & President

Peter Flood has over 30 years in the Media & Communication Industry. He is currently CEO & President of AIDA Content Management, Inc, a content management company offering media asset management and metadata solutions for all industries utilizing digital assets. Prior to starting AIDA Content Management, Flood served as VP of Finance and Business Development at Clippn, Inc. after two years at Zodiac Interactive working with Charter Communication to deploy their Cloud Guide on STB. Prior to that he was involved in business development in both the Social TV/2nd Screen Application and Home Management space. Preceding that since 2005 he was involved in the Game Industry focused primarily on Cloud gaming at companies such as Playcast Media, G-Cluster, Seachange International, Turner Broadcasting’s GameTap, and PlayTV. Prior to this Flood had spent 20 years at HBO and Time Warner Cable in Finance and Product Development. Peter holds a BS in Marketing from Metropolitan State University, Denver CO. and a MBA in Finance from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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