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Maria Reyf

Full Stack Designer

Maria spent 20 years in the Web Design and Development realm. From notepad to complex wireframe design she made the journey with technology and standards as they developed. She possesses a full stack design skill range from marketing strategy, through UX/UI design up to front end development and is passionate in every step. Maria currently works for a major telecommunication company as a full stack designer, but comes from humble beginnings of being a freelancer and working with small and mid size Web design and marketing agencies and start ups. Her main passion is to be the users advocate in every step of the design and development process, but also to provide customer service to people and teams that she interfaces with, whether itÕs the business or development team.

Maria has a degree in Information System Management, experienced in Agile and DevOps models, big proponent of lean UX and intimately familiar with modern, front end coding languages, frameworks and tools.

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