Konstanting Rupasov photo

Konstantin Rupasov

Senior System Architect at 1Ci

Konstantin Rupasov decided to devote himself to IT business at the age of 11 when he wrote his first software  and found this to be the simplest way of inspiring awe among classmates.

Many jobs and companies later he took over the Performance and Scalability Unit in 1C company - lead business application vendor in Russia and abroad. He was in charge of curating the most massive and heavy-loaded 1C:Enterprise implementations - systems with thousands of concurrent users.

As soon as it turned out that those giant systems wouldn't optimize themselves, Konstantin designed the 1C:Expert Training Course and Certification Exam that was so hard to pass that ended up being an Internet meme. It also nurtured hundreds of 1C gurus - elite developers capable of successfully rolling out ERP-level applications of any scale.

Under his watch, the 1C:Enterprise share on Russian ERP market has grown from 0 to over 40% and counting.

In 2013 Konstantin became a director of the Canadian office of 1C company and took technological leadership in its endeavor to conquer North American business applications market.

Author of 1C:Enterprise training courses and certification exams in English. Home cook with multiple "dish of the week" awards from his friends and family.

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