Julie Anderson

Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson

Julie Anderson

"Brain Lady"
Certified Brain Personality Connection Expert

Julie Anderson is an in-demand international public speaker; wielding her expertise in brain science to bring solution-based training into organizations for business, communications, team building and leadership results such as increasing productivity, preventing conflicts, and improving organizational cultures.
An established brain authority in the media, Julie has been interviewed by ABC, FOX, UPN, and is a frequent expert guest on many radio networks. Julie has done extensive research in the areas of personality types, brain function and anatomy, brain health, and the brain personality connection. She has studied natural health, psychology, human resource development and psychoneuroimmunology. With more than 22 years of research, study, mentoring and sharing the stages with other gurus in the field of brain personality connection. With continuing education studies in the field of depression, anxiety disorders, PFA-psychological first aid, neuromarketing, and brain function, Julie has continued her learning to maintain her expertise in this field. She is also a professional interpreter for the deaf.

Julie Anderson brings more than 20 years of experience speaking, training and consulting with individuals and up to large corporate organizations utilizing Brain Personality Connection Profile Assessment and uniquely blending science and psychology with humor and relatability in her keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

In addition to the above, Julie successfully homeschooled her 3 boys from kindergarten to graduation. During this time, her education in neuroscience and neuropsychology greatly benefited her. She incorporated her knowledge to create a brain friendly atmosphere, teach in a way the brain likes to learn, and customize her teaching to match the brain of each individual child. She shares this information in her first book-Quickest Way To Insanity Homeschool Your Kids. Despite the sarcasm in the title, it is a great resource on how to teach with the brain in mind and chose your curriculum to match your individual child’s brain.

A prolific author, Julie has published several books with more on the way. Most notably her book, The Brainstorm Journal, for Journaling 101 Storms in Your Brain is renowned for being a fun and interactive brain friendly journal and Communication Made Easy, the must have pocketbook with 51 communication tips to improve every relationship. Most recently the #1 BEST INTERNATIONAL SELLING collaborate book Experts and Influencers-Leadership Edition. Soon to be released Change Your Mind, Practices for Creating a Healthy and Happy Mindset and Life is a personal development mush have; and What Did You Say? A Practical Guide to Communications, Relationships and the Brain specifically applies to the improving communication in the corporate workplace.