Watching, Visualizing And Forecasting The World In Realtime Through GCP

The GDELT Project is one of the largest open datasets for understanding global human society, totaling more than 8 trillion datapoints spanning 200 years in 152 languages. From mapping global conflict and modeling global narratives to providing the data behind one of the earliest alerts of the COVID-19 pandemic, from disaster response to countering wildlife crime, epidemic early warning to food security, estimating realtime global risk to mapping the global flow of ideas and narratives, GDELT explores how we can use data to let us see the world through the eyes of others and even forecast the future, capturing the realtime heartbeat of the planet we call home. GDELT runs entirely within GCP, leveraging Compute Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Cloud Vision, Cloud Video, Cloud Speech to Text, Cloud Natural Language, Cloud Translation, Timeseries Insights API, Inference API and myriad other GCP services to monitor, visualize and even forecast planet earth in realtime.

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Thursday, December 8, 2022 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm