This workshop will explain what open data is and why open data is so important in addressing digital innovation and social good.  Two demonstrations of how open data can be used to support data science projects using open source tools like Python and R Studio will show attendees the importance and power of open data!

Wineries, Breweries, Cideries, Meaderies, and Distillers (An Exploratory Analysis)

This demonstration will explore the process of using descriptive analysis to gain a deeper understanding of the wineries, breweries, cideries, meaderies, and distillers that are in the State of New York. Exploratory analysis will be performed in Python and data visualizations (charts) will be generated to present the story behind the data and insights to be gained for consumers and producers in NY.

Using Maps in R Studio for Spatial Awareness

This demonstration will highlight how Open GIS resources (maps) can be used to highlight key location points in a geographical area. Specifically a map of Dutchess county will be generated in R Studio using a base map, shape files, and open data from the county to create an interactive map that builds awareness of local resources available to the community. A simple explanation of different geospatial terminology will be used to guide attendees through the map concepts.

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Friday, October 29, 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm