Microservices in the Google Cloud with Docker and Firebase:

Microservices in the Google Cloud with Docker and Firebase: A Hands-on Workshop

What to expect:In this code-along experience, Roman Jaquez, Google Certified Cloud Architect and Flutter GDE will guide us through a hands-on workshop in which we’ll dive into the Google Cloud and build micro-services using Docker containers, backed by data, powered by Firebase Cloud Firestore, tackling a fictitious e-commerce site.Learning Objectives:In a matter of minutes, you’ll become familiar with building Docker containers to build a micro-services architecture in the Google Cloud while learning the following:

  1. Learn about microservices as a way to structure an application as a collection of services that are:
  • highly maintainable and testable
  • loosely coupled
  • independently deployable
  • organized around business capabilities
  • owned by a small team.

You will also learn:

  1. Learn about micro-frontends, and how the micro-services concept extends to the front-end world to build more resilient, feature-rich,
  2. Learn about containers and why they are not just a hype word in the tech industry, but a great way to package your applications so they can be easily deployed, while making your code highly portable and using computing resources more efficiently
  3. Learn how to build and run Docker containers in the Google Cloud via the Google Cloud Shell, an interactive, web-based admin tool through which you can manage your cloud resources
  4. Learn about Firebase Cloud Firestore, a no-sql, document and collection-based, scalable and server-less cloud Database, with automatic multi-region data replication for high availability, strong consistency, atomic batch operations and real-time transaction support.

No installation required!

We’ll use the Google Cloud Console, the Firebase Console and the Google Cloud Shell, and leverage Google infrastructure FOR FREE to complete this hands-on workshop.

Rewatch this session with Roman Jaquez: https://youtu.be/i87oyBfTm98 

Use his CodeLab: https://romanejaquez.github.io/microfrontends-gcloud/#0



Session Type:

Thursday, December 8, 2022 - 7:00pm to 7:45pm