New webisode series: Pivoteers and Pioneers

OpenHub and HVTechFest2020 present a 5-part interactive, livestreaming webisode series:


Pivoteers & Pioneers features local businesses, sharing stories about how technology helped businesses adapt during the pandemic shutdown. OpenHub believes sharing these stories can help make a difference for the recovery of our local economy.

Why is a technology-driven economy so important for economic recovery for the Hudson Valley region?

As we witnessed during the shutdown, the use of technology has been an integral part of everyone’s pivot. Most businesses are realizing that tech-driven solutions will be part of our successful economic recovery and future growth. But how to start the process to decide which tech will give your business the edge to thrive over the next 10 years?

  • Which tech is right for your business?
  • Which form will it take?
  • Who is a trustworthy source for information and resources?
  • Where to get retrained?
  • With what does one start? An existing platform? Purchasing Software? Investing in Hardware? Retraining staff? All of the above?

Welcome to Pivoteers!

This webisode series is a resource that empowers Hudson Valley businesses to exchange ideas about how technology can improve our existing operations so that we are driving our future with tech that is rewarding because it is accessible; Financially, with short learning curves and smooth on-boarding. Please join us!

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This series is our exploration to discover Pivoteers for the HVTechFest in October. We are proud to investigate and showcase all these heroic businesses who were able to pivot and adapt to the new ‘abnormal’ during the shutdown.

OpenHub is happy to produce Pivoteers and Pioneers as our way of contributing to the recovery of Orange County and the entire Hudson Valley.