Mentor Information

2019 Hackathon Mentor General Guidelines

  • All mentors must be approved by hackathon organizers before entry to hackathon area.
  • Please bring business cards or some other symbol to share with participants regarding your background to help them decide how to leverage your expertise.
  • Please arrive by 11:00 AM and stay as long as your schedule permits.
  • The award ceremony will begin at 4:00 PM and you are encouraged to stay. 
  • Mentors are encouraged to provide equal support to all participants, but choose priority with one team.

Download The Guidelines

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2019 Hackathon Mentor Priorities

The following criteria will be used to score all hackathon entries. This structured approach ensures all entries are viewed as equal and promotes multiple award opportunities. Mentors should coach participants to maximize scoring where possible.


Please define an issue within the Hudson Valley related to economic impacts that some form of solution can solve by the creation of new jobs, retention of workers or solving for quality of life thanks to some form of educational technology.

Tip: Use example data points, article or other citation source to further add validation to your issue statement.


Please highlight a specific problem related to the underlying issue. This can be something small such as a damaged walkway in your neighborhood or something more complex like finding a quality and affordable healthcare for the elderly. 

The problem needs to be clearly defined to maximize scoring in this category


Your entry will be evaluated in five ways. 

  • Overall "digital artifact" presentation
  • Teamwork and collaboration 
  • User interface (UI) for your solution 
  • User experience (UX) for your solution
  • Technical skills in creating the solution



Your entry will be evaluated in four ways. 

  • Community impact 
  • Financial benefits or cost savings 
  • Workforce and skill retention
  • Regional growth contributions


2019 Hackathon Awards

Awards for highest overall score, runner up plus top entry scores for Issue, Problem, Solution and Value will be presented. Recognition awards for all judges and mentors will also be provided.