Hackathon - DevFest

  • 2019 HVTechFest Hackathon participants
    2019 HVTechFest Hackathon teamed up youth and professionals to solve problems!

    Great energy experience!

  • Thank you Newburgh City and Orange County for hosting
    Are you a Problem-Solver? Creative thinker?

    Join us Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 for HVHackathon!

  • Developers, Designers, UI/UX, Engineers, Agile Design Thinkers Join the Hackathon
    HVTechFest Hackathon - October 24, 2020

    Be an HV Hacker! Join this exciting, all-ages event!

  • 2019 Design Thinking warm up
    Collaborate with the Brightest Minds in the Valley!

    Youth engaged in a Design-Thinking Challenge.

  • 2020 Hackathon will be the best opportunity to find new friends
    Let's Solve Challenges Together!

    Make friends and network while building solutions.

  • Newburgh Girls Can Code
    2019 AT&T Hudson Valley Hackathon

    Local Youth becoming our emerging Hudson Valley Tech-Talent.

OpenHub is proud to announce HVTechFest 2020
Hackathon Coming October 2020

HVTechFest Hackathon participants
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Who Can Join?

Anyone can sign up. All ages and all-expertise.
Teams will be a diversity of talents and skill levels.

HVTechFest-2020 Hackathon will continue to build the momentum!

Theme: Remote Learning, Remote Working

To enhance HVTechFest'20 Hackathon we want to hear your proposals. 
We’re looking for ideas for collaborative team challenges that will inspire our community
to use technology, data, and design for the public good. 

Deadlines to submit your ideas: August 12th
Do you have an idea? 
Educators, students, designers, developers, social workers,
business specialists, and anyone else interested in developing solutions are 
encouraged to co-create this fantastic event!

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Submit ideas for collaborative team challenges.

Last year’s Hackathon: The 2019 hackathon was a 7-hour brainstorming and idea-development competition to solve critical regional issues such as:

  • Education
  • Jobs
  • Environment
  • Transportation

The Hackathon revealed how the youth are driven to solve Hudson Valley employability and professional sustainability challenges. We were excited to see that we are all aligned in our dream of making the Hudson Valley a better place to live and work, and leveraging technology as a practical tool for this rising tide!