Mount Saint Mary College

A proud sponsor of this years HV Tech Festival and Hackathon, Mount Saint Mary College was founded by the Sisters of Saint Dominic in 1959, but the Mount has been an academic presence here in Newburgh since 1883. The college's roots in education, and in the training of educators, go even further back to the 13th century and Saint Dominic. 

Mount Saint Mary offers students an affordable liberal arts education with strong academic undergraduate programs and three graduate programs. Their degree programs in business, education, the health professions, media studies, and the social sciences are linked to high career growth fields. Mount students excel in their chosen fields by selecting internships and study abroad experiences that add dimension and value to their education. 

We are honored that they have chosen to sponsor our event and it shows their dedication to local technology challenges, workforce development, emerging technology, entrepreneurial and opportunities in the Hudson Valley. Their students are learning cutting edge technology and creating startups, in every field of technology. These students receive the best training in emerging fields such as: IOT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Education Technology (Ed Tech), Cloud Computing and much much more. 

  • Mount Saint Mary College - Host of Hudson Valley Tech Festival and Hackathon
  • Mount Saint Mary College - Host of Hudson Valley Tech Festival and Hackathon
Mount Saint Mary College
330 Powell Ave
Newburgh , NY

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