HVTechFest' Conference deferred to Spring 2021

The Pivoteers and Pioneers Webisode series presented by OpenHub and HVTechFest was our prelude to the theme of HVTechfest 2020, a theme of divining opportunities for individuals and business within the Hudson Valley in the new normal. With the pandemic situation remaining fluid we’ve initiated our own pivot to continue the theme and momentum.

The HVTechFestival — which originally consists of a one-day conference and one-day Hackathon — will continue with the two-day youth Hackathon on October 23–24, 2020 and the one-day conference deferred to Spring 2021. Dates and locations will be posted for the conference later. If you submitted a proposal for HVTechfest 2020, we ask that you submit again when the conference date is announced. If your proposal was related to design thinking, we are happy to invite you to volunteer for the Hackathon — it will be highly appreciated. Let us know by email.

To enhance HVTechFest 2021, we want to hear your conference proposals.  We’re looking for transformative session proposals that will inspire our next decade of  work using technology, data, and design for the public good. The Conference Theme is still relevant - more than ever:  

Technology & Recovery - Adapting to the 'New Abnormal'

Topic: Untangling HV’s Tech-ed to Workforce Pipeline:

  • Too many people unemployed 
  • Too many open jobs. 
  • Too many schools failing to prepare students for the working world
  • Too many corporations unable to find the labor that they need to succeed
  • More than enough people willing and able to fill those jobs

Topic: Ed-Tech - Challenges for remote Schooling and remote Colleging

  • Whitelisted Chromebooks
  • Digital Divide at home --literacy, --affordable broadband, --dedicated learning space, --the only device for the family, --engagement, --2 working parents, --mental health
  • Remote relationship-building - creative solution
  • Expensive college while at home?
  • Remote Ceremonies, --lack of socializing
  • Quality of remote university

Topic: Small Business Recovery

  • How to take your business to the next level online. 
  • Tools for digital transformation
  • How to onboard with tech - creating a tech plan
  • Data tools for business growth

Topic: Digital Divide

  • Home broadband
  • Access to tech devices/software 
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Resilience


HVTechFest goals: 

  1. Strengthening the Hudson Valley community of emerging and professional Technologists
  2. Welcoming to OpenHub: Small and Medium businesses searching for tech solutions
  3. Continuing the development of relationships with Government and Community Anchor Institutions
  4. Developing the Tech Startup + Entrepreneur ecosystem: With funding, networking, support