HVTechFest 2019 was the largest ever gathering of the HV Tech ecosystem to date, with 250+ participants and 120+ Hackathoners in attendance. With 40+ speakers, 23 sponsors and 30+ volunteers on board we were able to achieve our three primary objectives:

  • Brought HV Tech ecosystem together to connect, collaborate, find jobs, hire talent, and create new partnerships and engagements
  • Increased energy and excitement about the HV Tech ecosystem
  • Established HVTechFest as a signature annual event for the ecosystem

HVTechFest-2020 will continue to build momentum

Mark your calendar for October 23-24th, 2020

HVTechFest’19 was about awareness, HVTechFest 2020 is about defining communities and priority action areas with the goal of building a Hudson Valley technology cluster. Once the discovery phase reveals existing gaps and opportunities, we will continue the discussion about the impact of education in technology, and how it helps regional workforce development. We discovered our vibrant startup community and technology sector being literally invisible to the regional workforce and educational institutions. Regional companies are excited to learn about each other and brainstorm new opportunities in the field.

To enhance HVTechFest'20 When the COVID'19 pandemic hit we  were shocked to see nobody ready to swithc to remote. Galloping unemployment and many closed doors, remote work and learn was not the option for many.

OpenHub started the new interactive series  Pivoteers and Pioneers in the New Age of Social Distancing to investigate, learn and feature local businesses, share stories about how technology helped businesses adapt during the pandemic shutdown. OpenHub believes sharing these stories can help make a difference for the recovery of our local economy.We learned a lot! So we are announcing the HVTechFest 2020 theme:

THEME2020: Technology Driven Recovery

We are looking forward to see your applications to present: Call for Speakers for HVtechfest 2020 is online and open until July 15.

    How you can get involved

    Have thoughts about which priority actions we should pursue, and want to be part of this co-creation process? Email us your ideas or answers for the survey below; 

    • In what focus areas would you like to see community collaboration? 
    • In what area do you see yourself contributing to develop HVTechFest resources? 
    • If you could give us a piece of advice for supporting the community, what would it be?


    “The quality of sessions and speakers selection was fantastic, the level of program coordination is very impressive.”

    “This is one of the best v1.0 events I have ever attended.”

    “I experienced collaboration and being part of something bigger”


    Conference Highlights

    Overview of daily common and less common tasks and challenges a UX designer might face on the job. How to apply UX design processes and...Read more
    How can technology increase accessibility for those with physical challenges? This talk will be centered around how personal experiences...Read more
    Google My Business Optimization, The Rise of Voice Search, and Augmented Reality are all changing the way small businesses interact with...Read more