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Anyone can sign up. All ages and all-expertise.
Teams will be a diversity of talents and skill levels.

Last year, we had 120 attendees. Let’s beat that number in 2020!

We are using the following approach:

  • integrated hi-tech and low-tech functions to solve public problems
  • teaming  professionals together with youth to deliver digital artifacts
  • gain an entrepreneurial spirit while experience collaborative way of problem solving

The theme for 2020 is: SOCIAL DISTANCING and DIGITAL DIVIDE 

2020. It sure hasn't been easy. People are struggling all around the world with a global pandemic, racial injustice, damaged economies, unemployment. You know the old saying though — "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Assuming we are entering into "new normal" with social distancing at the place, how we can improve Remote Learning, Remote Working? How we can help those who are not privileged to have these opportunities due to the Digital Divide revealed by COVID? 

To enhance HVTechFest'20 Hackathon we want to hear your thoughts and proposals. What challenge triggeres YOU?

We’re looking for ideas for collaborative team challenges that will inspire our community to use technology, data, and design for the public good. 
Do you have an idea? 
Educators, students, designers, developers, social workers, business specialists, and anyone else interested in developing solutions are  encouraged to co-create this fantastic event!

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Questions? Session ideas? You can contact HVTechFest programming committee by email: