2023 HVTechFest

HV TechFest brings together people who care about technology. It creates a marketplace for buyers and sellers of technology expertise - people who are good at technology and people who want to hire those who are good at technology, or who want to learn from tech experts

TechFest Conference'23

Call for 2023 Tech Talks! Send us your webinar or talk proposals for our monthly meetings. Slots fill up quickly! The submission form is available at https://bit.ly/Call4Speakers2023

The best talks will be selected to present at HVTechFest 2023 annual conference.

We also want to see our local CS educators to mix and mingle with tech professionals, while enriching their classes with guest speakers talks and site visits.


Our approach:

  1. People in technology is our key audience, we want to attract and build the stronger tech community in the Hudson Valley. You can expect technology covered! 
  2. We know technology on it's own does not save businesses. It enables pivot, change. Entrepreneurship, financing, and other aspects of the business are needed to succeed. We are adding entrepreneurship and pivot track to our list. We welcome small and medium business owners,  people who could become customers of technology.
  3. Networking opportunities are same important as the programming. We always offer cool networking opportunities, nowdays online. Join us to see what is available!

Founded by OpenHub, Hudson Valley's premier tech education program, the two-day event will continue to be a major conference in the region's burgeoning tech space.