2021 Youth Hackathon

October 29-30th, VIRTUAL Hackathon

Preparing Youth for Tomorrow’s Workplace

Collaborative Problem Solving to Prepare Hudson Valley's Youth for Tomorrow’s Workplace

Igniting Entrepreneurial Spirit, Empowering with Technology = > Elevating Lives, Elevating Brains

2021 is the third year HVTechFest is hosting our youth Hackathon to make a difference for underserved population in Hudson Valley, NY. We are using our unique formula to inspire youth with out-of-the-box thinking,  empower with technology through collaboration:

  • Young coders team up with tech professional to find a solution to a problem of civic or business importance
  • Using high- and low-technology functions to solve the public problems
  • Collaborating to address real world situations

Hackathon'21 Challenge: Open Data for Social Good

Prizes for the winners. Gifts for all participants.



PREVIOUSLY, in 2020...

We are super thankful to all of the amazing participants, speakers, mentors, judges and sponsors for being the part of HVTechFestival Youth Hackathon! We hope all of our attendees had a great time — it was fantastic to host so many interesting individuals.
If you missed out, don’t worry! You can now access the full Hackathon Day 1 & Day 2 Livestreams.

  • Over 150 interested attendees and 75 actual participants that joined forces in the Youth Hackathon
  • 25 inspiring and unique ideas were pitched by the participants
  • Attendees were matched into 8 teams with dedicated mentors from colleges and tech companies
  • 13 projects were submitted including 5 submissions from professional developers
  • Judges presented 5 awards to the top 5 teams and the audience got to choose their favorite team

We are using the following approach:

  • integrated hi-tech and low-tech functions to solve public problems
  • teaming  professionals together with youth to deliver digital artifacts
  • gain an entrepreneurial spirit while experience collaborative way of problem solving

The theme for 2020 was: SOCIAL DISTANCING and DIGITAL DIVIDE 

2020. It sure hasn't been easy. People are struggling all around the world with a global pandemic, racial injustice, damaged economies, unemployment. You know the old saying though — "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Assuming we are entering into "new normal" with social distancing at the place, how we can improve Remote Learning, Remote Working? How we can help those who are not privileged to have these opportunities due to the Digital Divide revealed by COVID? 


PREVIOUSLY, in 2019...

Questions? Session ideas? You can contact HVTechFest programming committee by email: