hack·a·thon (noun) -- an event in which computer programmers, hardware engineers and others involved in product development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software and hardware projects over a short period of time.

When: October 12th, 9am-5pm, Reception with announcing the winners - 6pm

Where: Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, NY. Kaplan Recreation Center (Gym)

What: Hackathon / DevFest

  • Challenges to solve / Technology to use
  • Sponsors to announce prizes for specific challenges
  • Participants to form Teams (usually up to 5)
  • Roles: Product Manager, Architect, UI Designer, Programmer / Web Developer / Coder
  • Volunteers to coordinate and consult teams on a specific technology and business perspectives
  • Mentors to assist teams
  • Jury to choose the winners


  1. A hackathon is a collaborative programming event where participants come together as a team to make their ideas a reality in a sprint-like setup. This year AT&T Hudson Valley Hackathon Challenges Local Youth to Use Technology for Social Good and to Plug the Regional Brain Drain
  2. The goal for this hackathon is to produce usable  (software or hardware) prototype or digital artifact to be demonstrated to a panel of judges. Teams will be judged on a variety of categories - see the Hackathon page, and the team with the best product /prototype will win a prize. 
  3. 2019 HVTech Hackathon leaders: Andrea Tejedor and Steve Bossert
  4. Hudson Valley Developers Festival / Hackathon is an annual  event where computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and domain experts, collaborate intensively on software projects.
  5. First HV Hackathon is organized by Open Hub and Orange County, NY. It takes place in Newburgh, NY
  6. HV Hackathon serves to engage students and community in tech collaboration and provide real life experience in technology influencing your day-to-day life and serving your community.
  7. It will inspire the youth with the technology, help workforce readiness and solve real life problems in the Hudson Valley:
  8. College and school students can have the opportunity to collaborate with local and global tech professionals,  innovate new ideas, discover different tech paths, and push the boundaries of technology
  9. Local developers can demonstrate their expertise and win the recognition 
  10. Local community, businesses and government officials can learn and get their problems solved engaging tech community.
  11. Participants: School students, College students to form the teams, professional developers to mentor, guide and assist teams.
  12. Attendance: 50+ technologist practitioners / developers, 50+ college students (Vassar, Suny New Paltz, Marist, Mount Saint Mary College, SUNY Orange, SUNY Ulster, SUNY Dutchess), 50+ high school STEM students (grade 9-12), 50+ business managers (product, project, designers,  entrepreneurs etc)
  13. Tickets for Hackathon only: $15.00 + $2.72 FEE. $5 for college students. We have special discounts and promo codes available provided our sponsors! Thanks to AT&T, 1Ci, DocuWare, GDG Capital Region
  14. How many students will participate in HV Hackathon? 
    • We expect over 100 students sign up for the hackathon, however we are looking at a larger attendance rate next year (200+) as we will apply  to become MLH certified.
  15. Why sponsor us? 
    • Receive access to resumes from talented students across the Hudson Valley
    • Promotional Branding on all HV Tech Festival products like Shirts, Lanyards, etc 
    • Send Speakers or Mentors to interact with participants 
    • Receive feedback from students about API’s or product demos 
  16. What are the rules / theme? 
    • Headline: How Technology can serve better leaving in Hudson Valley. 
    • Theme for 2019: Education leading to Employability. Professional Sustainability
    • The rulebook for HV Hackathon  will be released soon, but you can the guidelines for Judges, Mentors and Participants available right now
  17. I have more unanswered questions about the Hackathon! 
    • You can email the following people regarding specific questions 
    • festival at openhubproject.com - General Sponsorship Questions 
    • yulia at openhubproject.com - Hackathon Questions and Everything Else

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