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Newburgh, NY in the Hudson Valley
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October 11th - 12th 2019


Over 40 speakers!
See the full line-up here!

Hudson Valley Tech Festival and Hackathon

happened OCTOBER 11-12, 2019

Thank you, one and all, for a fantastic inaugural HV Tech Fest Conference & Hackathon! Your attendance was an undeniable confirmation of the growing tech ecosystem in the Hudson Valley and beyond. It was great to see so many new connections made, and so many existing connections invigorated, throughout the region and across New York State. We are happy and honored that we were able to provide a positive environment for people to learn and discover new opportunities for growth using technology.

The Conference . . .    Download the full PDF program booklet here

It was tremendously rewarding and inspiring to see so many gathered together on Friday, October 11th for the Conference portion of the Festival, to explore and rethink our tech education, tech workforce development and trends in hiring the lean startup way. The programming committee invested countless hours engaging and curating speakers one by one to reflect the industry trends, both global and local.  We are so proud of the 40+ speakers and 150+ attendees who participated in the Conference. Thank you all for your hunger and curiosity to learn from each other through the Conference tracks and sessions. You can see speakers notes using Schedule or see live streamed video here

The Hackathon... 

Thank you for joining our first ever Hudson Valley Youth Hackathon on Saturday, October 12th. It was exciting to see 100+ professionals working side by side with youth, and competing equally. We appreciate our partner, AT&T, who lobbied with vigor to have kids involved more than we initially envisioned – it was amazingly inspirational and a learning experience for all! We discovered that our high schoolers are way more tech savvy than previous generations. They are thoughtful, engaged and collaborative, responsible and capable. The startup bug bit them at the Hackathon – we can expect more tech entrepreneurs coming… Let’s cultivate this spirit!

The Hackathon revealed how the youth are driven to solve Hudson Valley employability & professional sustainability challenges. We were excited to see that we are all aligned in our dream of making the Hudson Valley a better place to live and work, and leveraging technology as a practical tool for this rising tide!


The Festival as a whole . . . 

This was the first of many Festivals we plan to have in the future. It was the largest ever gathering of the HV Tech ecosystem with over 250 participants and 120 Hackathoners in attendance. It was fantastic to see all of us HV Techies connecting and collaborating throughout these two days. Based on real-time feedback throughout the event, I think it is fair to say that we achieved our three primary objectives:

  • Bring the entire HV Tech ecosystem together to connect and collaborate, hire and find jobs, and create new partnerships and engagements. We trust you all have a long list of follow-ups to conduct!
  • Increase energy and excitement about the HV Tech ecosystem
  • Establish HVTechFest as a signature annual event for the ecosystem

OpenHub Project's premier Tech Festival (DevFest) bringing NY metropolitan area developers together to explore technology topics in a Tech Conference forum and solve Hudson Valley community challenges in a Hackathon forum using Civic Tech, EdTech and Open Data.

See livestreamed event here


Conference Tracks

With the high pace of change in the technology industry, there is a vital need for people communicate and collaborate effectively within several areas of discipline, with sufficient technical depth. Why do some teams become shining innovators and... View All Sessions

Everything is changing rapidly in 2019, libraries, cultural institutions, governments, and public service organizations. What are the challenges facing these community service organizations as they adapt to open data, mobile technology, AI, and... View All Sessions

Want to learn more about the cloud, emerging trends in content management, real-world cyber security risks and solutions, RESTful APIs and how to create apps that are immune to malicious actors? All this and more will be explored in numerous... View All Sessions

Technology-rich classrooms of today are in a state of change. New technologies are always emerging, regulations change, and research evolves. What creative ideas and inventive solutions exist to take advantage of the vast amounts of knowledge... View All Sessions

How can the blockchain solve digital rights? What are the ways drones are being used in the Hudson Valley? How are 7 counties and 1.3 million residents utilizing open data to create a hub of innovation and opportunities for researchers,... View All Sessions



October 12, 2019

Solving Community Challenges Using CivicTech, EdTech and Government-Community Collaborations

The Hackathon portion of the HV Tech Festival will focus on a municipal / community challenge through civic tech and open data
use, combining innovative problem solving and design thinking to public problems that will benefit the Hudson Valley and beyond.
People of all ages and skill levels will join together to interact and solve problems.

Learn All About the Hackathon

Hudson Valley New York Tech Festival and Hackathon a DevFest

Featured Speakers

Rachel Hawkes photo
co-founder and COO

An avid traveler and people-person, Rachel Hawkes is the co-founder and COO of ViaHero, a...More

Sean Dague photo
Software Engineer - System Q

Sean Dague has been an Open Source developer for most of his professional life. He’s worked on...More

Kianga Daverington
Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
Acre of America Partners LP

Ms. Daverington is a cryptoasset manager, cryptocurrency miner and founder of a boutique law...More

Joe Cupano - Speaker at Tech Conference Greater NYC Technology
Consulting Product Manager
Dell EMC

From start-up to globally admired companies, experienced technologist developing innovative...More

Michael MacIsaac photo

Michael MacIsaac works as a systems programmer at a large HR company in the tri-state area....More

Alexandra Danilina photo
Product marketing manager
1C International

Ms. Danilina is responsible for the company’s1Ci's product strategy in its international...More



Calling all youth who code or who are interested in coding, as well as technologists and people of all ages who’d like to make a difference in their communities, to the region’s first regional Hudson Valley hackathon Oct. 12nd, 2019

Innovation event...Read more

#HVTech Festival was featured at Mid Hudson News

We are excited to receive the Orange County support and acknowledgement. We appreciate the team efforts to make it possible!Read more



We've been observing the lack of experienced tech workforce in Hudson Valley. We also see growing geek economy. Inspired by vision and opportunity to build a solid tech and startup ecosystem in Hudson Valley, NY we want to bring high quality intensive education and co-learning in technology and entrepreneurship.